Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reading List: January 2009

Beginning a new job and starting a new semester have taken up nearly all my time over the past two weeks. Thus, there has been little content here in that time. In fact, I really just haven't felt all that inspired to write. Nothing has seemed compelling enough to make me want to sit here and bang out a few hundred words.

I have resisted posting a collection of links to stories I find interesting; though I find it occasionally fun on another blog, it often just seems like a scheme to cover up for a lack of original content. This may change over the next month, especially as I bookmark pages for my own interests and research. I may start to use this space as a place to respond to things in other forums, whether it be other blogs, newspapers, or books I read for class.

Frankly, I am exhausted. I've only had two days off in the past two and a half weeks, and I am constantly living with sense of dread hanging over me because I never seem to have enough time to get as much research and writing in as I need to. This should balance out a bit over the next few weeks, especially as I knocked out a major project for one of my classes already.

Of particular interest to me over the next six weeks: the effects of film noir on comic book
architecture, and vice versa. If you know of examples I could use, I would appreciate the heads up. I'm thinking that I may be able to tie film theory into the graphic adaptation of Paul Auster's City of Glass; I just haven't done the research yet.

Anyway, as to the point of this post. I never seemed to be without a graphic novel on the nightstand, and as a result I managed to complete 32 books and graphic novels. As always, here is what they were:
Perhaps this next month will see me branch back into nonfiction, something I am missing quite a bit. Not that anyone ever does, but comments and questions are appreciated.

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Allyn said...

I'm mildly curious what you thought of Batman: Hush. For me, it was one of those cases where I felt that the writing and the art didn't "click." Loeb's story might've been better had he not crammed in a lot of extraneous characters just so Jim Lee could draw them.

And for the record, I absolutely despise Jim Lee's redesign of the Huntress. The 90s costume she wore, which appeared in Morrison's JLA run was perfect. (And Huntress: Year One retcons the Earth-2 costume out of existence, which is fine by me.)